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What is Green Gas?

Our green gas (also known as biogas) is sourced from a process called Anaerobic Digestion. This is where waste that would otherwise leak methane into the atmosphere is processed into biogas to be used as fuel.

Adding bacteria to the waste releases a biogas which is first collected, then “scrubbed” so it can be injected into the grid for consumption at the same calorific value and pressure as existing gas in the grid. Got that?

Our Green Gas Customers

Stephen and Jan joined Green Energy UK last year. Part-time student Stephen and school-worker Jan live in York, and being green is hugely important to both of them.

Stephen says, Human induced climate change is a major issue facing mankind. It is important that we reduce our emissions as fast as possible. Green living is something they both practise daily. We recycle avidly and use public transport or cycle wherever practical.

When it came to finding an energy supplier that matched their lifestyle, they found Green Energy UK by searching online. I was specifically looking for renewable gas as well as electricity.

After grilling the Customer Services team on our green gas credentials, Stephen and Jan signed up to our 100% renewable dual-fuel “Sparkling” tariff.

The switch to Green Energy UK was seamless, you answered all my questions promptly. He adds, and we’ve been impressed by the personal service.

Green Energy UK take as much pride in our ethics as we do our customer service. Stephen agrees, he says, being able to trust a company makes dealing with them so much more straightforward, pleasant and efficient.

Work smart, work green

If you want your business to do more for the environment, switching to green gas and electricity is one of the simplest steps you can take.

There’s no need to change your gas meter, no need for anyone to visit your premises and no disruption to your supply.

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