Free Shares

We treat our customers like, well, partners.

Why we think shares are a good idea

We want our customers to be more than mere consumers, to take an active role in shaping their energy supply. You will be invited to our AGM. No corporate smoke and mirrors here, just an open and honest approach to doing business.

Sounds crazy

We make you part of our business for free. For no cost whatsoever, you are entitled to shares. Why’s that, I hear you ask? Well, it may sound crazy, but this is our way of rewarding our customers for choosing to go green.

For all the small print, see our Information Memorandum.


Do I have any responsibilities as a shareholder? If by that you mean liability, no! Your shares are fully paid up. But we would like you to feel responsible for helping others reap the benefits of green energy. Click here, and tell all your friends!

Still not sure? Give us a call on
0800 783 8851 or 01920 486156.