Our electricity generators

Safe energy from sound sources.

  • Guy and Wright

    John Jones, a tomato grower in Hertfordshire, has been supplying Green Energy UK with electricity since 2001. The biogas released from waste vegetable matter is captured and burnt to heat the greenhouses and produce electricity. The resulting CO2 is pumped into greenhouses to feed the plants.

  • Gask Farm

    The folks down at Gask farm have finally solved the problem of what to do with their pig manure. Turn it in to electricity! Pig slurry is fed into an anaerobic digester and the gas released is captured and burnt to generate electricity. The fertiliser produced as a by-product is used to feed the crops which are then fed to the pigs the following year. A real circle of life!

  • Seaton Energy

    At a housing development in Aberdeenshire a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit is supplying heat and hot water to up to 500 flats, to a sports changing facility, and to the Council owned ballroom, leisure centre and ice-rink. The excess electricity produced is bought by us and supplied to customers on our Still tariff.

  • Jakes Nursery

    Jakes Nursery is a tomato farm in Sidlesham in Chichester. Since 2007 Jakes have been supplying Green Energy UK with electricity created solely as a by-product of their tomato growing process!

  • Faichemard Farm

    Highlands farmer Duncan Grant is taking advantage of a river running through his family farm by creating electricity from it. He has installed a micro hydro-generator and is selling the electricity to us.

  • RES

    Renewable Energy Systems Head Office in Kings Langley features a wind turbine as well as solar panels and a biomass boiler. These renewable technologies are used to power the office and any excess is supplied to us at Green Energy UK.