Commercial generation

We're always interested.

Video Thinking about generating on a commercial basis?

We’re always looking to work with more independent commercial generators to meet the ever growing demand for green and sustainable electricity from our customers.

For commercial scale renewable generators with an installed capacity 200kW and above, we can offer you a flexible Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

As part of our PPA, we can offer a competitive price for the electricity you export to the local electricity grid and we can also purchase your REGOs.

We can pay your Feed-in Tariff if you are registered under the scheme, or, if your installation is accredited under the Renewables Obligation we can purchase your Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs).

We do not charge any administration or handling fee for FiTs or ROCs.

We can set up a PPA for all types of sustainable technologies as well as green technologies such as CHP.

If you want to discuss contract terms and prices or are simply looking for more information give us a ring on 01920 483046.