Sell us energy

You make it; we’ll buy it.


We can offer PPAs for all types of renewable technologies as well as green technologies such as CHP. Because of the way we work we’re flexible, open, genuinely interested in your technology and can make quick decisions.

We’ll help you with certification and embedded generation benefits you may not be aware of and we’ll make sure you get all the payments that are due to you. We'd also like to talk about your ROCs, LECs and REGOs. And we don’t charge administration or handling fees. Transparent; now that’s refreshing. You can find out more about PPAs and how we can help here.


Large or small scale, as a voluntary FiT licensee, we can help you through the red tape, the blue tape, in fact all of the tape and regulation that might be daunting to you, but is all in a day’s work for us. Whatever the technology, we’d like to help. You can find out more about the Feed in Tariff and how we can help here.

Advice line

If you are unsure about how you could generate electricity at your home, why not give us a call? Our qualified staff can talk to you about what the best technology may be for your property and what benefits are available for specific technologies. Home Generation Advice Line - 01920 483046