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What is it?

If you are a larger generator (over 200kW) you have the option of registering for payments under the Feed-in Tariff scheme(FiTs) or getting accredited under the Renewables Obligation(RO).

In either case we would love to speak to you over the phone to discuss the potential for a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for your exported electricity.

We do not charge any administration or handling fee for FiTs or ROCs.

We can set up a PPA for all types of renewable technologies as well as green technologies such as CHP.


When do I get paid


If you opt for RO accreditation, you will receive a payment for all the Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) generated at your property.

On top of this we would also like to talk to you about purchasing your Levy Exemption Certificates (LECs) and we would expect to receive the REGOs (Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin) that your site produces.

FIT's with PPA export

If you choose to register your installation under FITs and also sign a PPA you will receive quarterly payments for your generation as part of the levelisation process. We will then offer you payments for your export on a monthly basis.

In this situation we would also like to discuss the purchase of your LECs and REGOs.

You will also get an additional payment for the electricity you produced in the TRIAD periods on both schemes.

If you want to discuss contract terms and prices or are simply looking for more information give us a ring on 01920 483046.

You will have to create an account on Ofgem’s Renewable and CHP Register and complete an application to manage your certificates. For more information about the register go to Ofgem’s Renewable and CHP Register and to register go to:

Commercial generation - definitions

  • ROC – ROCs (Renewable Obligation Certificates) are certificates issued to generators by Ofgem based on the net renewable electricity that is generated each month by your station. The number of ROCs issued per megawatt hour (MWh) is determined by the technology/fuel used by the station, its size, its location and how long it has been accredited.
  • REGO - A REGO (Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin) is a certificate issued by Ofgem to generators that certifies that their electricity was generated from Renewable sources. You will receive one REGO per MWh of renewable source electricity generated
  • LEC - A LEC (Levy Exemption Certificate) is a certificate issued by Ofgem to a generator as evidence they have produced electricity that is exempt from the climate change Levy (CCL). LECS are issued for electricity generated from a renewable source.
  • TRIAD - The TRIAD periods are defined as the three half-hour periods with the highest demand for electricity across the peak consumption period for November to February. TRIAD payments are an incentive for generators to be generating electricity in these periods. Therefore, as a generator, we would reward you with an additional payment for the average hourly electricity you have produced in these three periods.

    We would pay you for 90% of the value of the TRIAD benefit.