A business with a difference

We are not like other green energy providers. We challenge the idea that ‘being green’ is all about making a big commitment, about making an extra effort, and paying extra costs.

Indeed, companies often talk about green energy as an ‘alternative’. On the contrary, green energy makes sense for everyone, and we want to make it mainstream.

So, our prices are competitive not only within the green market, but also the entire utilities industry. By minimising the cost and effort it takes to switch, we aim to remove all obstacles to going green.

Put simply: we do care about the environment, but we are not idealists with our heads in the clouds. We are down to earth, in every sense.

Customer Promise

We say what we mean and mean what we say.

We think you deserve great service not just from us but from all the parties that form the energy network.

That’s energy you can trust, and customer service and information when you need it. We won’t cold-call you, and we don’t door-step people, ever.

So we’ve set out the minimum standards you can expect from us, and them, in our customer promise.

And if we fail — we’ll pay for it — literally.

Smart meter promise

Green Energy UK have signed up to the Which? No selling, Just installing smart meter promise. This means we have pledged to our customers that we will not sell during a smart meter installation.

No selling, just installing

Our smart meter installers are not on sales related commission and are not required to initiate any sales leads.

Read our Smart Meter Data Usage Statement

Independent advice

Knowing your rights

Please find below the current version of the Knowing your rights document.

Knowing your rights

The Citizens Advice consumer service

It’s easy to get free, independent advice so that you “Know your rights” a complaint, get advice about the quality of your electricity or gas supply, or ask for help if you’re struggling to pay your bills. To “Know your rights” visit www.citizensadvice.org.uk/energy for up to date information or contact the Citizens Advice consumer service on 03454 04 05 06.

Meet the board

Charlie Crossley Cooke

Charlie Crossley Cooke

Charlie has a long track record in the energy Industry most recently at Opus Energy which he founded in 2002 and was Chief Executive until the successful sale of the business in early 2017. An independent supplier, it grew through providing electricity and gas to small and medium-sized businesses in the United Kingdom.

As Opus Chief Executive, Charlie was responsible for growth, strategic direction and operational management of the company. He has set up and run energy supply business in the United Kingdom, as well as Spain and the Netherlands.

He’s also a Trustee of the Heaton-Ellis Trust, a charity striving to find a cure for Motor Neurone Disease. He has been a non-executive Director since October 2014 and became chairman in October 2017

Sir Peter Thompson
Non executive director

Sir Peter Thompson

Previously Chairman of Green Energy UK (2001- 2017), Sir Peter Thompson has an exceptional business record, being one time chairman of NFC Plc, F.I. Group Plc, Community Hospitals Plc and Proshare.

He led the successful employee buy-out of NFC from the Government and as a result of its success, many of the drivers and fitters who invested in the company saw their share values rise 120 times over a 9 year period.

A similar pattern followed when the F.I.GROUP employee buy-out was achieved in 1991. His success presiding over innovative and different company ownership models has seen him take a particularly keen interest in wider share ownership opportunities, and like Doug, his previous involvement in transport ads a ’gamekeeper-turned-poacher’ dimension to the environmental benefits green energy can generate.

Douglas Stewart

Douglas Stewart

Doug is a graduate of Southampton University (Economics & Law) and spent his formative career at Ford Motor Company in a number of sales and service roles including some interesting years in Northern Ireland. From Ford he joined a start-up recruitment exhibition company specialising in Information Technology markets which became the largest of its kind, before setting up his own business retailing Volkswagens and Audis as a Franchised dealer.

Having sold the motor business at the turn of the millennium, he found himself in the fortunate position of being able to choose and decide what to do next. The blueprint was an ethically sound business that made a contribution to the wider issues of life through commerce.

Deciding the newly deregulated electricity markets offered just such an opportunity, he formed Green Energy (UK) plc, with the express intent, shared by the rest of the Board, of offering a product that rewarded consumers who took active steps to do something about the wider environmental issues we face.

Tim Smith
Finance Director

Tim Smith

Tim started his career in insurance with the Prudential and moved through a diverse route of Honeywell Control Systems, followed by a more traditional development route through Grand Met. This was followed by a move to Milton Keynes Pressings as Financial Director growing into a wider role as Commercial Director. At the same time he managed to find time for an MBA to keep him challenged. He went on to spend an extended period working around the globe with Gildemeister AG starting as CFO with European responsibilities, then moving on to work and live in the US moving from CFO to President of the sales and service business this quickly followed with a move to Asia as CEO.

Having returned to live in the UK in 2005 he has strived to bring a diversity of interests into his working life whilst reducing the number of miles travelled. His aim has been to work with like minded business partners who share his aims and challenge him every day.

Green Energy UK fulfills all of this with a challenging business model, dynamic marketplace and a very interesting share ownership model.

The boring legal stuff

Terms & Conditions

The legal stuff

Here at Green Energy UK we aim to give you the best possible standards of customer service. Our goal is not simply to have satisfied customers; we want delighted ones!

The entire electricity industry is regulated by OFGEM. As a result we are required by law to comply with strict regulations that ensure customers get value for money and a reliable service. Our terms and conditions are necessarily rather legal sounding so if anything doesn’t make sense just give us a call on 01920 486156.

Environ­mental Policy

We try to walk the talk and have made the following commitments


  • Increase the use of green electricity
  • Minimise energy use wherever possible
  • Continual improvement on environmental issues where economically feasible
  • Control the activities of the company to minimise risk of pollution to the environment
  • Minimise the production of waste where possible and any disposal of waste produced will be carried out with due care for the environment
  • Minimise the use of new products where other recycled materials are a suitable substitute

  • Make every effort to ensure that where waste materials or products can be recycled they are recycled in an environmentally responsible way in order to conserve resources
  • Ensure that our operations comply with or exceed current legislation and other relevant requirements
  • Be a responsible employer and neighbour
  • Ensure that all employees carry out their duties in line with the above statement and, through training, are aware of their obligations
  • Minimise the use of mobile phones and monitor existing use
  • Compile and keep publicly available this Company Environmental Policy


  • We generate most of our office electricity topped up with 100% renewable electricity
  • Virtually every sheet of A4 is used twice before recycling
  • Low energy light bulbs are in use wherever possible
  • We recycle our printer cartridges wherever possible
  • We communicate with our customers and shareholders via email
  • We use public transport wherever possible and practical
  • We are founder members of Trucost