Survey finds SMEs missing out on energy savings

A new Scottish Power survey has outlined that small and medium-sized businesses across the UK are missing opportunities for important energy savings. Only 1 in 10 SMEs have said their energy consumption has decreased over the last 12 months. Furthermore over 60% of SME’s advised that they did not feature energy efficiency as a priority.

Scottish Power have come together with the Carbon Trust to assist businesses take control of their energy outgoings and make more savings. The collaboration will offer tools and online resources to assist firms to improve their efficiency and reduce their energy costs.

Mark Bowen, Marketing Director from Scottish Power, said: “Adopting simple energy efficient measures as a SME business owner may sound easy enough, but as the survey findings highlight the reality is very different. Many businesses we talk to admit they could be doing more, but are put off because they believe that steps to incorporate energy efficiency into their business will be time consuming and difficult. We’re keen to work together with businesses and the Carbon Trust as part of this innovative new partnership to understand how we can help break down some of these barriers.” “Making smarter energy choices makes perfect business sense and will help firms to become more sustainable and efficient, while reducing bills which could allow investment elsewhere.” Further findings include:

1. One half of SMEs do not have policies to encourage employees to switch off electrical equipment and lights at the end of the day.

2. Two-thirds do not have a printing policy in place.

3. Only 1 in 10 perform an energy audit each year.

The Carbon Trust estimates that it can assist SMEs to save 20-30% on their energy costs through behavioural changes such us switching off equipment and closing windows.

Richard Rugg, Managing Director of Programmes at the Carbon Trust, said: “Energy saving is an easy win. Cutting money off the bottom line is a great way to increase profitability. But although there is often a considerable opportunity to reduce overheads, in most companies this often gets overlooked. We look forward to working alongside Scottish Power to help their customers understand how to better take advantage of energy efficiency and become more sustainable businesses.”