Welsh counties lead on renewables process

Green Alliance, have published a number of league tables ranking renewables in England and Wales over the past year. The tables reveal that Gwynedd and mid Glamorgan are the most improved as far as solar and wind power are concerned.

Solar progress is heavily concentrated in England’s eastern counties, primarily with new solar power installations. Onshore wind has a more general overview across the country. Both the East Midlands and the North West feature on top.

Cambridge was highlighted for particular success. It is a top three improver for solar and onshore wind power. For wind power it was top with a total of 235 MW installed; this is the equivalent of powering 146,000 homes.

The UK has joined with over 190 countries in Marrakech to call for a high level of political commitment to fight climate change. The “Marrakech Action Proclamation has been described by MP Nick Hurd as a “clear signal” of the unity around the issue.