Davey reaffirms government commitment to onshore wind

The Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Edward Davey has affirmed the Government’s commitment to onshore wind. He said:

“There has been no change to Government policy on renewable energy, as collectively agreed by the Coalition Cabinet.” “We set out in the Renewable Energy Roadmap in July 2011 how we expect to reach our target of getting 30% of all UK electricity from renewable sources by 2020.” “We have put in place support to bring on growth in new industries to deploy the technologies needed to diversify our energy mix in the most cost-effective way.” “There are no targets - or caps - for individual renewable technologies such as onshore wind. Nor are there reviews being done of onshore wind on the basis of landscape or property values.” “What we are currently consulting on are ways of making sure local communities feel the benefit of hosting wind farms, and whether our understanding of future costs is accurate.” “Onshore wind is one of the cheapest renewables, which is why we’ve been able to cut the subsidy. It has an important role to play in our energy future.”

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