Nearly a quarter forced to choose between heating and eating

A recent survey by internet forum, Netmums has found that nearly one-quarter of mothers are having to make a decision on whether to eat or heat their homes. This comes as a result of rapidly increasing energy costs.

The survey further found that 80% of families are rationing warmth in their homes. Of those, 90% are wearing extra clothes in an attempt to save heating fuel and 56% are turning the heating off altogether when their children are not at home. 45% are using blankets to keep warm during the day and one-third are going to bed early or wearing two-layers of clothes in bed to keep warm.

As a result the Energy Bill Revolution Campaign has commenced and is calling for the Government to use the proceeds of its carbon-tax to insulate homes across the UK. This could save the average home £300 on their heating costs. The petition can be viewed at

A further study by Cambridge Econometrics has said that the use of the carbon-tax for insulation could create 100,000 new construction jobs. The Carbon-Tax is levied against energy companies for their carbon emissions which is subsequently reflected in the energy bills of the consumer. In 2013, it is expected to raise £2.7 billion rising to £6.8 billion by 2027.

Ed Matthew, Director of the Energy Bill Revolution said:

“This survey shows that we are facing a national energy bill crisis. We call ourselves a developed country but no one should have to make the choice between feeding their family and heating their home. But there is a solution; by recycling carbon revenue to make homes super-energy efficient we can end the fuel poverty scandal once and for all. It is time for the Government to get a grip on this crisis and recognise that fully insulating UK homes is the best way to drive down energy bills.” Netmums founder, Sally Russell added:

“The figures contained in this study are simply shocking. The news that almost a quarter of families are being forced to choose between heating and eating should send shockwaves through UK society. These are impossible choices for families to make as both are essential to good health and children’s safety and security. And with almost nine in ten families now rationing their energy use due to spiralling prices, this signals a new winter of discontent for British families.” Fuel poverty currently affects one in four households. The DECC has predicted that this will rise to one in three households by 2016, equivalent to 9 million homes.