Being Green Doesn’t Mean Higher Electricity Costs Says Green Energy UK

27 April 2012

Green or renewable tariffs don't have to cost more

During recent discussions at the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) Meeting in London, David Cameron commented that green energy will be ‘cheap within years’. However, despite misconceptions green energy needn’t cost more than a regular tariff says one of the UK’s leading green energy suppliers Green Energy UK.

Despite the continued research and development surrounding the industry, the cost of renewable and green energy is continually competitive with traditional ‘brown’ tariffs, with some suppliers able to deliver eco-friendly energy at the same price as customers’ regional electricity companies.

Doug Stewart, CEO of Green Energy UK commented; “Today’s speech from David Cameron stating that green energy will be ‘cheap within years’ casts an unfair aspersion that green and renewable energy is expensive in the UK. There is a general misconception that green energy means expensive energy, however, that doesn’t always have to be the case. Becoming ‘green’ does not need to mean you have to construct a wind farm in your garden, instead it may just mean opting for a renewable tariff from a green energy supplier.

With a number of smaller energy suppliers breaking into the market, the utilities industry is becoming more competitive. Smaller suppliers are able to offer value for money due to lower overheads and are still able to offer the advantages of UK-based customer support.

“At Green Energy UK we want truly clean power sourcing to become mainstream, enabling us to distance ourselves from overseas production and utilise home-grown energy.

Green Energy UK is one of the country’s leading green energy suppliers. Certified as environmentally friendly, Green Energy UK only buy green electricity from Ofgem approved green and renewable suppliers. For more information about Green Energy UK visit or call 0800 783 8851.