Finally, an electricity bill that makes sense!

23 July 2013

Green Electricity UK leads the way with simple ‘Tap’ tariff

It’s been argued in the commons and is a regular bone of contention with consumers and finally one electricity provider has released an energy tariff that is simple to understand. Green Energy UK, an independent electricity company which sources its power from sustainable sources, has long been heralded an innovator in alternative energy supply and now is leading the way with transparent billing following the launch of its ‘Tap’ tariff this weekend (Saturday 27 June).

Doug Stewart, CEO of Green Energy UK explains: “We feel it is about time that the power is quite literally put back into the hands of consumers. For too long energy bills have been overly complicated with varying tiers of pricing, loyalty caps and standard monthly charges. Our new tariff removes all of that nonsense and what the consumer uses, is what they’ll pay. And, to make it even easier they can work out their bills for themselves – it’s simple, their electricity flat unit price is multiplied by the amount they’ve used plus VAT.”

This is the first time an electricity company will demystify the bill process and make it user-friendly, something Doug says will help consumers better manage their monthly spending and general energy consumption. He adds: “Over complicated and inconsistent bills have been making consumers angry and it’s easy to see why. We want to take that angst away by giving the people want they want; a clear view of what they’re using and spending and where, if they need to, they can make savings. In short, baffling bills be gone!”

The Tap tariff, cleverly named as it can be easily managed like a running tap, joins Green Energy’s two other tariffs which both also share water analogies and are known as Sparkling and Still. Find out more about Green Energy UK’s tariffs here.