The £400 Energy Bills Support Scheme

What You Need to Know


The £400 Energy Bills Support Scheme

What You Need to Know


The Energy Bills Support Scheme - £400 discount on your energy bills this winter

With the cost of living increasing for all of us across the country, the government has taken action to alleviate some of the pressure on bill payers. As such, you may have heard of the Energy Bills Support Scheme (EBSS), a £400 discount on your energy bills that has begin to roll out in October 2022.

This is in addition to the Government Energy Price Guarantee (GEPG) which replaces the price cap and limits the amount you will pay per kWh of energy for the next two years. You can find out more about the Energy Price Guarantee here.

So how does the Energy Bills Support Scheme work and who is eligible?

Well, in simple terms, every household with a domestic electricity connection in Britain will automatically receive this discount and you don’t need to register or sign up to anything to benefit.

How Much is The Government Giving Towards Energy Bills?

The EBSS is a £400 discount from HM Government, that does not need to be paid back, providing direct and immediate support on energy costs over the course of the winter. For most households this will be an automatic deduction that will be applied to your energy bills in instalments over six months. These discounts will come in the form of an initial £66 a month, starting in October 20222, rising to £67 a month from December 20222 through to March 2023.

Direct Debit customers will receive the discount as either a reduction of the monthly amount collected, or as a refund to the customer’s bank account after the Direct Debit collection during each month of delivery.

If your household energy bills payment is paid via a traditional prepayment meter, you will receive your £400 energy discount in the form of vouchers. You’ll get a voucher each month which can then redeemed at your usual top up point so that you receive the benefits of the discount as and when you pay for your energy.

For GEUK customers, all our vouchers will be sent via Royal Mail and need to be redeemed at a PayPoint retailer, which can be found here: Once you have identified your nearest PayPoint retailer, simply pop to the shops to top up your meter card (or equivalent), take the voucher and some form of identity with you and give it to the seller when paying. Smart prepayment meter customers will see the discount credited directly to their smart prepayment meters in the first week of each month of delivery.

If you pay on receipt of your bill, the payment will appear on your energy account as if you had made the payment yourself.

What Do I Need to Do to Make Sure I Receive EBSS?

Every eligible home in England, Scotland, and Wales will receive the discount, including second homes. You do not need to sign anything or provide bank details, so be aware of scams asking you for information as your energy supplier will not need these to enact the discount.

All energy suppliers in the UK can provide this discount so it will continue to be applied even if you switch energy supplier. However, electricity bill payers should enquire with their supplier if they have not received their first instalment by the end of October.

For further information, visit our FAQ’s page here.

Or you can visit the official Government Help For Households website here.

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