We do gas too

Obviously all our electricity is sustainable as you know, but now our gas is 100% green too.

Gas like electricity is a homogenous product when delivered to consumers but the gas we put into the grid is not. All our gas will come with a Green Gas certificate under this independent scheme http://www.greengas.org.uk.

Sadly electricity is priced regionally.

Just enter your postcode below to see what the rate would be for your home.

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  • Dual fuel still

Using still

Put simply: when power plants make electricity, they give off a lot of heat at the same time. This heat would otherwise go to waste, but green energy's suppliers harness it and put it to good use.

We get our Still electricity from some rather surprising sources, too. Would you believe that growing tomatoes or heating homes can also help power your home?

And priced to compete with the Big 6.

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  • Dual fuel sparkling

Using Sparkling

Using the power of falling water, the sun, the wind, and organic waste material, in Sparkling we use energy that is 100% sustainable. We love making people smile and providing electricity that is made from pig poo has got a chance of doing just that. Boring we are not.

And all this for the same price as the standard tariff in your region.

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