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If you're building a new house, or fixing up the old one, our metering team can help you get connected again. It may also be that you need more or less power than before, and we can help you there too. Just read the section that applies to you, and follow the instructions.

  • Are you a developer looking for a reliable supplier?
  • Do you need meters to be installed or exchanged?
  • Are your power requirements changing?

If so then simply call us on 01920 483043 or email us at

Why Green Energy UK

Green Energy is an energy supplier that doesn’t act like one.

We’re an ethical, honest and customer-focused company. We don’t want to be the biggest energy company around. We just want more people to use renewable energy and to make it mainstream; because we believe that clean and green energy makes sense for everyone as well as for business.

We aim to give you the best possible standards of customer service. Our goal is not simply to have satisfied customers; we want delighted ones! We think you deserve great service not just from us, but also from the electricity distributors who form part of the energy network. You can read more about the minimum standards you can expect from us in our Customer Promise for business.

We’re the first UK electricity supplier to be certified by EKOenergy, a European ecolabel that guarantees that our electricity fulfils strict environmental criteria and raises funds for new renewable energy projects. We’re also are the first UK supplier to supply 100% green gas.

Green Energy can offer your business:

  1. Competitive gas and green electricity prices which are clear and transparent
  2. Get straight through: we don’t have push button menus to welcome you; we have people. 98% of calls are answered within 30 seconds during office hours. Even outside office hours, calls are answered by a real person.
  3. No fixed term contract. We like to know that you stay with us because you like us, not because you’re tied up in a contract
  4. E-billing plus a secure online customer area to reduce your carbon footprint and to view your bills, add meter readings or update your details
  5. Renewable energy: all of our electricity comes from renewable sources
  6. An accreditation logo* to show your customers that you use 100% green electricity
  7. Easy switching process: there is no disruption to your supply and no need for anyone to visit your premises. It’s quick and hassle-free.

Make a difference today: switch to a green and ethical energy supplier.

Call 01920 483043 or email for more information or for a free no obligation quote for your business.

Our business customers: EKOenergy

EKOenergy is the world’s only international not-for-profit electricity ecolabel. They certify renewable energy sources that meet their strict sustainability criteria, and they receive a €0.10 donation to their Climate Fund for every MwH sold. They then donate this to renewable energy projects around the world. In the case of hydropower, they use a different fund to support river restoration projects.

EKOenergy is part of a network of over 40 environmental organisations, who all work together to promote a 100% renewable world. They believe the future is clean and green, and want to lead this change.

Like Green Energy UK, EKOenergy want to help more businesses develop their green credentials. You’ll see their logo on many products, from beer cans, to tofu, and even on the jerseys of a Finnish ice hockey team! They’ll continue to grow both in Europe and internationally, and welcome new EKOenergy consumers with open arms.

Learn more about EKOenergy >

Tell your customers

You’ve switched so why not tell your customers?

Accreditation symbol

Tell your customers that you are buying green electricity with this simple accreditation symbol, that shows you care about the values and ethics of your own business. Put it on your website, letters and publications, it’s got plenty of marketing value. We’re certain your customers will be reassured that they’re dealing with a business that’s environmentally sound.

Get your copy by emailing

If you want your employees to reap the benefits of Green Energy UK in their homes, then please do let us know, also at We’d love to help.