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Part of the ESO Demand Flexibility Service. Participate in our High Tide Saver events and you could earn credit on your 100Green account by making simple changes to when you use electricity. This scheme is open to both domestic and commercial customers.

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Rewarded for making simple, positive changes to your day

High Tide Saver is part of the ESO Demand Flexibility Service (DFS), which was developed by the ESO. The scheme incentivises consumers and businesses to reduce their power consumption at certain times..

By taking part in High Tide Saver events, our customers will be rewarded with credit on their bill if they reduce their electricity consumption during the agreed event period.

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How High Tide Saver events help reduce the UK’s carbon emissions

To truly turn the tide on climate change we need to shift our demand for electricity away from peak times.

This is because there are some points during the day when demand for electricity can outstrip supply.

When this happens, gas plants are fired up to meet the demand and this adds dramatically to the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions.

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You’ll need a latest generation Smart Meter to participate

To take part in High Tide Saver events, you’ll need a Smart Meter. If you don’t already have a Smart Meter, then you can request a free installation by logging into your online area and going to Energy Insights. Or, if you are a commercial customer, just email us at metering@100green.com


Only 100Green customers who have a Smart Meter can take part in High Tide Saver events.

If you are an eligible household or business, you will receive a personal invitation via email to join.

Already a customer but not got an invitation? Or you simply want to find out more? Just get in touch and we can help.

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Signing up to High Tide Saver

Signing up to High Tide Saver

All eligible 100Green customers will be contacted by email and invited to join the scheme.

Opting into each event

Opting into each event

When a High Tide Saver event has been scheduled, customers who have joined the scheme will be contacted by email and asked to opt-in to the next event. You will need to respond to each event invitation to participate.

The full terms and conditions can be found here.
During a High Tide Saver event

During a High Tide Saver event

Events will typically last an hour. During this time, participating customers wishing to be rewarded for reducing their electricity consumption, can do so by avoiding using appliances that are power–hungry.

Ways to reduce your energy use

Ways to reduce your energy use

You can choose to completely avoid using appliances that use a lot of electricity such as dishwashers, washing machines, electric ovens or showers.

Or look for alternatives such as using the microwave instead of your cooker during an event.

You can find out more about possible energy savings in your home by visiting the Centre of Sustainable Energy.

How we measure your usage

How we measure your usage

Your Smart Meter will tell us exactly how much electricity you used during the event. We will then compare this to your average, historic usage during the same period.

How much credit you will receive

How much credit you will receive

We will credit your account by the amount equating to the units you saved, compared to your average, normal consumption. So, let’s assume the event runs between 6pm and 7pm on a weekday. If your Smart Meter tells us you use an average of 3kWh during that period on a normal day and during the event you used just 2kWh, we will credit you 1kWh worth of electricity.


Tide Waves

You can take complete control of your energy bills by making positive and permanent lifestyle changes.

With our time–of–use tariff, Tide, you can save money on your energy bill permanently. For example, using an energy storage battery to store up low–rate energy overnight, by generating your own electricity and avoiding using energy between 4pm and 7pm every weekday.

Find out more about the UK’s first, true time of use tariff.