Green Energy UK and Powervault — a new way to take control

Our Smart Meter tariff just got even smarter. If you have Solar PV installed you can now sign up for TIDE and get up to 20% off a Powervault home battery.

Now save up to £285 per year* with Powervault in your home, charging your home battery during our cheap off-peak hours, then using the stored energy at peak times.

* based on a customer with a 4kWp PV system and a net demand of 3,400kWh from Grid p.a.; projected savings depend entirely on customer circumstance and are provided as an estimate.

Meter reading video with Chris

What’s a Smart Meter?

When you sign up for TIDE we’ll install your Smart Meters, free of charge. These next generation meters are industry-compliant and work across all our tariffs (and other energy companies’, too!)

Once it’s installed, you’ll be able to take advantage of time-of-day tariffs like TIDE, that will help put you in control of your consumption and help you save money.

How? Your Smart Meters monitor your energy; automatically sending readings to your supplier, which means no more estimated energy bills. More importantly it’ll allow you to see and control your electricity usage.

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How will TIDE work for me?

Using TIDE is all about being smart. Your new meter is smart. Your tariff is smart. You’re smart. By making some simple adjustments to the way you live will have a real impact on the environment, and help save you money, too.

Simple changes like using the timers on your washing machine or dishwasher overnight will help. You can also charge your iPad, download your boxsets or update your laptop at night.

All of these things use power and can be left to run safely in the background. If you’ve got an electric car, you can set it to charge automatically overnight and you’ll be ready for the road the next morning!

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What about electric cars?

Charging an electric car is just like charging a mobile phone. Plug it in and you’ll soon be on your way. Electric cars can be set to charge automatically on a timer, and if you use this feature alongside TIDE you’ll save money and be a smarter, greener driver.

There are currently 50,000 “plug-in” electric vehicles on UK roads, with more being confirmed all the time. It’s estimated that by more than half the new cars sold in the UK will be electric.

Take control of your energy bills with TIDE.

Just the Low Tide bar over and see how our low-cost energy could reduce your annual spend.

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Tariff Information

  1. TIDE is an online-only tariff currently only available in England. Signing up and receiving e-billing requires a valid email address and access to the internet
  2. TIDE requires payment through Direct Debit
  3. We will need to install gas and electric Smart Meters at your property
  4. Please note that TIDE is currently Dual-Fuel only

*Unlike electricity, gas is delivered at the same low price throughout the day

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