About Green Energy

The green energy
uk difference

Since 2001 we've offered green electricity. But what
makes us different is that we offer 100% green gas too.

(And we'll answer the phone if you call us!)

Our energy is green, but our thinking is multi-coloured

For two decades we’ve been thinking innovatively about our energy and ensuring we remain true to our values. We’re proud to say our values haven’t changed since the first day we started trading.

Our core values

1. To be the pioneering champions of green and sustainable energy in the UK; never compromising on the quality of the energy we put into the grid and paving the way for others to follow.

2. To delight our customers. We believe passionately, if our customers are prepared to help us pioneer a cleaner, greener UK, then they deserve the very best customer service we can provide.

our customer promise

Our weird and wonderful, colourful energy

All our energy is sustainably generated in weird and wonderful ways and it’s fun to sell – and that makes us happy!

But most importantly, even our gas is 100% green - and this makes us different to all the other suppliers in the UK at the moment.
Turning the power of falling water, the heat of the sun, the strength of the wind, and yes, even waste from a cow-bottom, into beautiful, colourful, completely real, green energy.

And we’re filling up the grid with it.

about our energy

Why we don’t carbon offset our energy

We focus our time on making sure our energy is generated in truly sustainable ways.

Whilst carbon offsetting schemes have done wonders to raise awareness of our impact on the environment, it’s not a ‘get out of jail free’ card. The use of carbon offsetting is not a free pass for inaction.

A voice for the future

We believe that one day, everything will be powered using only energy from sustainable and renewable sources. That’s exciting and is why we’re fully committed to playing our small but vital part in the UK’s green journey.

Find out about our 100% green gas.

our green gas