How To Sell Renewable Energy

What you need to know



At 100Green we don’t generate our own energy. Instead, we focus on ensuring that all our tariffs provide 100% green and renewable energy generated by both commercial and domestic generators from across the UK.

We work with a cultivated network of renewable energy generators, some of whom we have done so for many years.

There are lots of benefits to generating your own energy, including selling what you don’t need back to 100Green. By doing so, you are helping to fill up the grid with renewable energy and reducing our need to rely on fossil fuels.

Investing in a home generation installation like solar panels, can help you cut your own energy costs by using your own power but also get a credit on your energy bill from your green power generation.

If you’re a business that can generate its own energy, then you could have greater operational resilience thanks to a reduced reliance on importing energy from the national grid by reducing exposure to volatile energy markets. All at the same time as helping to reduce carbon emissions, which is a great message to tell your customers.

Home and Commercial Generation

We buy from both domestic and commercial generators meaning, even if you just generate your own energy at home through solar panels on the roof or other methods, you can sell energy to us by putting the excess energy you generate back into the national grid.

Home Renewable Energy Generation

If your generation capacity is less than 30kW of renewable energy, then you might qualify for our Export Tariff. This means that we will offer you payments per kWh for any electricity generated by renewable. This energy will have to be metered so will need a Smart Meter.

If you are interested home power generation and you want to sell 100Green your excess energy, then you’ll need to be a 100Green customer because payments are made in the form of a credit against your electricity bills.

If you want to find out more about our home generation, click here.

Commercial Renewable Energy Generation

Some companies will already find themselves on something called an SEG tariff or Smart Export Guarantee Tariff. We do not offer an SEG tariff; our Export Tariff is for domestic scale generators only.

But this doesn’t mean we don’t purchase energy from commercial generators. We take a discerning approach to choosing who supplies us with energy and we carefully look at how it fits into our existing generator portfolio.

If you are a commercial scale generator, producing more than 30kWh of renewable electricity, we can set up a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) for all types of renewable technologies registered to receive Renewable Electricity Guarantees of Origin (REGOs).

And similarly, we can put in place a Gas Purchase Agreement (GPA) for green gas producers registered for Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin (RGGO).

The GPA is a contract between us and a gas producer where we pay the producer for the biogas they inject into the national grid. A RGGO is a certificate you can apply for, awarded for each kWh of Green Gas produced.

If you want to find out more about commercial generation, click here.

Why Now Is an Ideal Time to Consider Energy Generation

If you’ve been considering generating your own energy, now might be a great time to do so. With rising energy costs across the board and uncertainty in the energy markets, generating your own energy can save you money on your own energy costs. In addition, the government has announced measures to make the cost of investing in renewable power generation even cheaper.

In his spring budget, the chancellor announced a Green Tax Cut that would see the VAT on energy saving materials drop from 5% to zero for the next five years. This means the cost of these items will likely drop. He also said that he’d be cutting the red tape for putting renewable energy generators in place, and reinstating wind and water turbines as qualifying technologies.

You can also use Smart Energy Storage Solutions with solar panel installation to further make the most of your own generated energy.

What Are the Eligible Renewable Energy Options?

With a network of independent energy generators, we sell only renewable electricity and 100% green gas. As such, we are interested in energy generated via:

Anaerobic Digestion:
A process where microorganisms break down organic matter to create a biogas that can be burned to produce energy.

Solar Panels:
Panels that convert the light from the sun into electricity.

Wind power:
Wind turbines use the force of the wind to turn turbines which themselves generate electricity.

Using organic matter to create electricity, this comes from plants and waste products from agriculture and other industries.

Hydro power:
The use of free-falling water where the energy from its movement is converted into electrical power.

Sell Renewable Power to 100Green via our Export Tariff

If your generation capacity is less than 30kWh and you are interested in selling renewable energy to 100Green, then do give us a call on 01920 483 437.

We will need from you:

- A copy of a passport or driving license as proof of ID
- A copy of the MCS certificate
- A copy of a final invoice or similar as proof of ownership
- A single line diagram showing how the battery sits within the system (if you have had one installed)

When we have assessed the initial documents requested above, we will send out a complete copy of the terms and conditions for your signature.

Sell Renewable Power to 100Green via a PPA or GPA

If you’d like to find out more about our contract terms and current prices, then call the generation team on 01920 483 437 – we’re always on the look out for ethical and 100% green commercial generators.

You can find out more about selling us energy by clicking here, or you can contact our generation team on 01920 483 437 or email