Protecting our local green spaces

What you can do to help



We've been reminding ourselves > how much we all valued the green space around us during the first UK lockdown. In April 2020 our world had shrunk to a much smaller size around us and we came to love what nature we found on our doorsteps.

We were approached by Isaac Kenyon, founder of Pedal 4 Parks, who asked us to sponsor his latest adventure. It struck a chord with us because his mission was to raise awareness of the threat that our parks and green spaces face due to climate change and increased urbanisation.

As part of our own mission this year to learn one new thing about the wider subject of sustainability, we asked Isaac what we should all be doing to help protect the beautiful, British, natural landscapes.

Part 1 :What should we be looking out for when we are enjoying our local walks?

Part 2 : What can we do to protect our natural environment?

Isaac's top tips:

- Find out who manages your local parks and green spaces - they often have volunteer days where you can help to regenerate or maintain these beautiful spaces. Get involved!

- When you are out walking in your favourite parks and green spaces, take note of the infrastructure around you. Just by being aware of how many buildings, pylons and even wind turbines you can see will help you understand if urbanisation is creeping in.

- All new man made structures need planning permission - so do engage with your local council and ask to see what planning permissions are being considered. It's all free information and by adding your voice to the conversation, you can help make sure that the right decisions are made.

- Do you follow a well trodden path? Have you spotted other paths appearing? Too many paths all leading to the same place can have a negative impact. Sometimes the solution is that the main path gets an upgrade and becomes an actual walkway - helping to deter people from using side paths that trample over wildlife.

- If you see litter and rubbish, please do pick it up. If we all did a little bit, it would be so much less of a problem. Bring a carrier bag with you and dispose of it responsibly.