Love your wildlife

Josh from the Wildlife Trust tells us how



We may be an energy supplier, but we are all too aware of just how interlinked the supply of green energy is with the wider subject of sustainability.

We asked Josh at our local branch of the Wildlife Trust to explain what the Trust does and why their work to protect the UK's wildlife is so important - and what all of us can do to help.

Energy with heart

One key area that we are keen to champion is the impact that the construction of wind farms and hydro farms has on our wildlife's natural habitats.

We are supportive of the Government's 10 point plan which includes the acceleration of new renewable energy farms being built across the UK, but we also want to highlight just how important it is to choose suitable and sustainable locations for these new farms. Even the generation of green energy has an impact on our environment - and not least, our wildlife.

That's why we offer our customers EKO . When you choose this tariff, you are choosing energy that has had to meet additional, strict, sustainability criteria - meaning that it has to be generated in locations that don't impact migrating birds or fish.

It is the only tariff in the UK to be eco-labelled and you can find out more about why it's so unique here >

Supporting the Wildlife Trust

As Josh explains, there are many ways we can call help to protect the UK's wildlife. And given this country is one of the most wildlife depleted countries in the world, its vital we all play our part. From turning our gardens into miniature wildlife havens by planting bee-friendly plants or digging out a pond or even sowing wildflowers to attract butterflies. Through to volunteering with your local branch or donating to a local Wildlife Trust project > There are so many simlpe ways we can all lend a hand and fight for our beautiful, diverse countryside.