100Green ranked by Ethical Consumer as 'best buy'

March 2023



Ethical Consumer magazine has ranked Green Energy UK as a 'best-buy' supplier of renewable energy in the UK, and it’s urging eco-conscious consumers to ‘vote with their feet’ by switching to companies, like Green Energy UK, who are helping the UK move towards its clean energy goals.

Researchers from Ethical Consumer investigated, scored, and ranked the ethical and environmental record of Green Energy UK and 20 other energy suppliers. Criteria included looking at the fuels that generate a supplier's electricity, green tariffs, renewable generation, biogas and 'vegan' energy, energy prices and UK renewables targets.

Green Energy UK, who was one of the country’s very first green energy suppliers when it entered the energy market in 2001, was awarded “Best Buy” status by Ethical Consumer, coming out second from top in Ethical Consumer’s supplier ranking. And twenty two years on, Green Energy UK is the only energy supplier in the UK that supplies 100% renewable electricity and 100% green gas > to all its customers..

Green Energy UK’s tariffs are all green, and its EKO> gas and electricity tariff sets the standard for the UK energy industry. The ultra-green tariff meets the strictest sustainability criteria, going beyond fighting emissions and addresses the other wider impacts to the environment; for example, the renewable energy that is supplied to customers doesn’t impact bird or marine habitats.

Doug Stewart, Chief Executive of Green Energy UK said: “It’s great to be recognised as a “Best Buy” by Ethical Consumer, especially now in our 22nd year. When we started back in 2001, Green Energy UK was seen as a maverick to supply customers with green electricity. We have come a long way since then, with a loyal customer base who believe in the necessity of green electricity and gas, more than ever; it’s the right thing to do.”