Customers using green gas continues to grow

Green Energy UK the first supplier to provide UK customers with 100% green gas



Consumers are continuing to increase their demand and use of green gas in the UK with over 200,000 homes now signed-up to using green gas across the UK. Green Energy UK (100Green) were the first company in the UK to supply 100% green gas to its customers, launching the product in 2016.

Since then the market has matured. The green gas market has significant scope to expand in the UK with a recent study suggesting the potential for renewable gas production to hit 149TWh by 2050, enough to power 10 million homes. Currently the market for green gas is using 1 TWh, enough to power 83,000 homes.

The market is also growing for businesses with some powering their own operations from biomethane produced from the sewage sludge e.g. Seven Trent. Green gas is also being used by businesses to drive down their greenhouse gas emissions. For example, Sainsbury’s Unilever et are using Green Gas Certificates* to drive down their reported greenhouse gas emissions.

Given the interest and growing demand in the market for green gas would you be interested in running a story covering this, looking at the suppliers that now provide this product, pricing compared to normal gas, and or a blog?

*Established in 2011 the Green Gas Certification Scheme Issues Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin (RGGOs) for units of biomethane injected into the gas grid and securely tracks them through to gas consumers who are provided with a Green Gas Certificate that can be used as evidence of their biomethane use. The Scheme was established by the REA Biogas Group and is run but the Renewable Energy Association via its subsidiary Renewable Energy Assurance Limited (REAL).

Green Energy UK

  • Green Energy UK were the first UK company to deliver a Time of Day Tariff - launched at the beginning of this year • The first to provide UK customers with 100% green gas • And Doug Stewart, CEO of Green energy UK was one of the first to point out to Government and the CMA the fragility regarding the finances of new energy companies - one of the reasons that GB Energy went bust last year. He was the first boss of a supply company to publicly call for stress tests to be conducted for new entrants.