EKOenergy wins European Citizen’s Prize 2020

And we couldn't be prouder



We are proud to announce that EKOenergy, international and non-profit environmental label for renewable energy, is one of the recipients of the European Citizen’s Prize 2020.

About our EKO Energy Tariff

Our EKO Energy Tariff is the only energy tariff in the UK to be certified by EKOenergy - proving the sustainability credentials of our generators.

This means that our EKO Energy excludes sources of bioenergy and windpower produced in important bird habitats - and hydropower can only be sold with the EKOenergy label after consultation with local environmental organisations. Find out more about the criteria for this tariff here >

So when we say it’s extra-green, it really is and we are extremely proud to celebrate the award with the team at EKOenergy >

About the award

The European Citizen’s Prize has been awarded by the European Parliament since 2008 to acknowledge exceptional achievements in promoting mutual understanding and interaction between citizens or in facilitating cross-border or transnational cooperation in the EU.

“The EKOenergy ecolabel encourages consumers to choose environmentally-friendly electricity and at the same time helps to raise funding for solar power in developing countries. EKOenergy is an excellent candidate for the European Citizen’s Prize and meets the evaluation criteria very well.”
– the European Citizen’s Prize jury of MEPs and NGO representatives

Steven Vanholme, EKOenergy Program Manager of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation says:

“We are very pleased to see that our EKOenergy ecolabel receives recognition from the EU for all the work we do to strengthen the role of environmentally conscious consumers. Our ecolabel is a nonprofit tool to help raise awareness regarding nature and biodiversity in the energy market. Receiving the European Citizen’s Prize is not only a recognition of the great work done by our team in Helsinki over the past 8 years, it is also a recognition for all companies, households and public authorities that use EKOenergy-labelled energy in many countries.”

EKOenergy-labelled energy (electricity, gas and heat) meets the sustainability criteria approved by environmental organisations and helps finance projects that alleviate energy poverty in developing countries. The ecolabel was launched in 2013 and EKOenergy is supported by a network of NGOs, 34 of which are based in Europe.

You can find out more about EKO Energy tariff here >