Which? Recognises 100Green as a Top Provider of Green Energy

Eco Provider 2021



Consumer choice organisation Which? has recognised Green Energy UK (100Green) as one of the top renewable energy companies in the UK with their new Eco Providers for energy badge.

Compiling a report on the greenest energy suppliers in the country, Which? covered several criteria to see who was truly putting their money where their mouth is when it came to investment into environmentally friendly energy.

Scoring on what makes them sustainable, 100Green were one of three companies awarded the Eco Provider badge from the Which? magazine energy comparison, putting us in an elite group of green energy companies to be the first receivers of such an award. How did 100Green place so highly in this list of Which? magazine energy suppliers? Well, ultimately, it’s because we remain the only provider of 100% green energy!

So, how do we get 100% green gas and electric to our customers, with transparency on how we source it? When it comes to 100% renewable electricity, ours is sourced from hydropower, solar panels, wind, and biomass purchased from independent generators in the UK.

These renewable energy suppliers contribute to our output of green electricity and our EKO energy tariff avoids electricity generated where there are migrating birds and fish, making sure there is as minimal environmental impact as possible so that we can truly claim our eco credentials are unmatched. Where we really stand out, though, is our use of green gas…

How Can Gas be Green?

When you hear about gas, rarely does your mind turn to green energy suppliers. Often, we think of gas production as a heavily polluting process.

However, with 100Green you get 100% green gas because we use a process called anaerobic digestion. This is a process where micro-organisms break down organic material in the absence of any oxygen to produce a methane and carbon dioxide-rich biogas. We use farm, food and landfill waste as our organic material therefore helping to significantly lower the carbon footprint of our customers.

This biogas produces energy, prevents toxic methane leaking into the air - and subsequently creates nutrient-rich solids that can be reused as a fertiliser.

Although it’s not always easy, every kWh of our gas is certified as green to give our customers peace of mind knowing that they are getting their power from a truly green energy company with no tricks or spin.

What About Carbon Offsetting?

Green gas differs from Carbon Neutral Gas. We don’t see carbon offsetting as a 'be all and end all' of sustainability because you are still producing significant carbon in the first place.

While carbon offsetting has helped raise awareness for cleaner, greener energy, it doesn’t provide the same action as using a totally green gas in the first place.

By choosing to buy green gas, the impact on your carbon footprint is immediate. That's why we choose to focus our time on making sure our energy is generated in a truly sustainable way so there’s no need for offsetting.

Our track record of green energy

This isn’t the first time we’ve been recognised as one of the greenest UK energy suppliers as we were also Ethical Consumer magazine’s No 1 ‘best buy’ for green energy supplier, which ranked the ethical and environmental record of 100Green and 20 other energy companies and found that we came out on top.

By offering unique energy tariffs like our our EKO tariff that is certified by the international ecolabel for electricity and gas, we will keep making strides for a more sustainable future.