The Garden Army

Farmer Tom tells us all about his charity



September is often associated with Harvest time and brings to the front of our minds, where our food comes from. The food supply chain is a carbon intensive process; from commercial farming and the production of all the man-made fertilisers and chemicals through to, picking, packing, and transporting. Not to mention all the waste that is generated.

September: Grow your own month

As part of our #learnonething promise, we wanted to better understand what and how we can grow food at home. During our team ‘Eco away day’ this summer, we met Farmer Tom. Tom runs a small, commercial farm in Sussex with a big focus on using sustainable methods to plant, grow and harvest his produce. So, we thought it would be great to ask Tom if he’d give us some tips on growing our own food and veg. We’ll be sharing a series of videos, covering several topics.

In the meantime, we wanted to share with you one of the initiatives that Tom’s farm facilitates; The Garden Army.

What is the Garden Army?

The Garden Army is very simply a charity-run program for people who need space and support to deal with a wide range of mental and physical challenges. From children who have had a tough start in life, through to directors who might be suffering with burn-out; The Garden Army is a place for them to spend time learning about how things grow, how to harvest, how to build… and how to slow down. Here’s Farmer Tom, talking passionately about this fantastic project.

Find out about the Garden Army

If you’d like to support The Garden Army then please visit their crowd-funding project here >

If you’d like to find out even more then visit The Garden Army website here >