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Sparkling Tariff

All of our tariffs start with Sparkling
energy; it's generated in sustainable and
wonderful ways, it's fun to sell and that
makes us happy. Find out below how all
our energy is generated.

If you are looking for a tariff that is simply 100% green and renewable then our Sparkling Tariff is just that. In fact, all the energy in all our tariffs, comes from green and renewable sources too. We work with many independent generators around the UK and you can find out how they generate our gas and electricity below.

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Anaerobic Digestion

Turning waste into energy

Anaerobic digestion is a process where micro-organisms break down organic material in the absence of any oxygen to produce a methane and carbon dioxide-rich biogas. This can be burnt to produce energy, making good use of waste and preventing methane (a gas 20 times more toxic than CO2) leaking into the atmosphere. And what’s more, the nutrient-rich solids left after digestion can be handily used as a fertiliser!

We’re proud to say all our gas is 100% green!

100% green gas

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Solar power

Energy from 93 million miles away

A solar cell (or a ‘photovoltaic cell’ to you scientists out there) takes the light from the sun and converts it into electricity.

A Wind Farm

Wind power

An invisible force

Our suppliers use the force of the wind to drive turbines, which in turn make electricity.

The energy generated for our EKO Energy Tariff means that our suppliers need to ensure that their wind farms are located away from bird migration paths – making it uber-environmentally friendly.

EKO energy tariff

A wind farm
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That’s plants to you and me

Biomass is produced from organic material. We get this from plants, or from waste products from industry, agriculture - or your very own home. And then it gets turned into electricity. Clever stuff!

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Hydro power

Harnessing the Great British weather

Hydro-electricity takes the force of free-falling water and converts it into power. Some of our energy comes from small hydro-electric schemes in Scotland, Dorset and Cornwall.

We really do care about the impact even our green energy has on the environment. That’s why all the electricity for our EKO Energy Tariff is generated in locations where migrating fish are protected

A river running through a field of heather
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All the energy, in all of our tariffs, comes from 100% green sources. And each one of our tariffs is unique.

All the energy, in all of our tariffs, comes from 100% green sources. And each one of our tariffs is unique.

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