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Guide to going plastic-free

The damage caused by plastic for the environment is undeniable. But can we actually go plastic free? And should we? Read more now.


Guide for plastic recycling symbols

Confused by all of the different symbols and signs when it comes to recycling? We've broken down the symbols to make it easier for you.


The smart way to control your energy bills

Tide was the first time-of-use tariff to launch in the UK. Find out how you can take control of your energy bills the smart way.


100Green partner with Electric Nation for V2G project

Green Energy UK partner with Electric Nation and Western Power to trial an innovative Vehicle to Grid project. Read more here.


Introducing EKO Energy Tariff

100Green's EKO Energy Tariff is the only tariff in the UK to be ecolabelled as sustainable by EKOenergy.org. Find out more.


One million homes now supplied with green gas

Data from Green Gas Certification Scheme shows 1 million homes are supplied by green gas. Find out more


Customers using green gas continues to grow

The UK demand for gas generated in sustainable ways, continues to grow. Read more here


100green is the first energy supplier to offer 100% green gas

Find out more about the only energy supplier in the UK to offer 100% green gas.


100Green's 12 Days of Christmas Energy Saving Tips

Find out how you can be kind to the planet this Christmas with our top 12 energy saving tips.