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It’s a lifestyle choice…


How solar panels generate electricity

Learn about how solar power produces 100% green energy to meet the rising demand for renewables in the UK. Learn more now.


How to use a refill station

How easy is it to use a Refill station? Should we all be using Refill Services? Find out more by reading our blog.


Grow your own: Office inspiration

We asked Farmer Tom from the Garden Army to give us some ideas for using office space to grow our own food. So simple and delicious! Watch the video now.


The Garden Army

Farmer Tom tells us about his sustainable farm and how it helps people with health and wellbeing needs. Watch the video


My journey to living plastic free

Our Non-Exec Director, Louise Boland gave us her top tips on how to reduce plastic in our lives. Watch the interview now.


Love your wildlife

We asked Josh from the Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust to to tell us how we can help protect our local wildlife. Watch the video.


Protecting our local green spaces

We asked adventurer, Issac Kenyon to give his top tips on how we can all help to protect our local walks and green spaces.


How we created an outdoor eco-space

We created an outdoor eco-space filled with energy-saving features for you to try out in your own garden or outdoor space. Find out more now.


How To Travel With A Low Carbon Footprint

We all love to go on holiday, but what can we do to ensure we keep our carbon footprint low when we travel? Find out more here.


How does food impact climate change?

The impact of food consumption and waste on climate change is often overlooked. Learn more about how food impacts climate change.


How much water do you use?

Want to find about how much water you use? Read our blog to learn about water consumption and what it means for the environment.


EKOenergy wins European Citizen’s Prize 2020

Our partners at EKOenergy win! Our EKO Energy Tariff is the only energy tariff in the UK to be certified by EKOenergy as truly sustainable.